Same time last year, the start of 2022, Leonardo DiCaprio was dating Camila Morrone. She was 24 at the time. Six months later, in June, she turned 25 and a few weeks after that it was confirmed that they’d split, resulting in Leo getting widely mocked for the aging out pattern of his relationships: his girlfriends don’t remain his girlfriends past the quarter century mark. 


Then came Gigi Hadid – the rumours about Gigi and Leo started at the beginning of September. Gigi is 27, like that was supposed to make a difference in the jokes about Leo and his age limits. Gigi and Leo were seen at a few parties together in different cities and out for dinner on a couple occasions but all that stopped at the end of November. Since then, there’s been no update. 

And then, a few days before Christmas, Leo was partying with Victoria Lamas, 23, daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas. Leo and Victoria were together at different clubs three times that week, prompting the press to ask her dad about the situation. 

Since this is the most publicity Lorenzo’s had in years, he actually talked to the NY Post about it:

“I know she likes him very much,” Lorenzo said. “I think they met last month. I’m not sure of the circumstances, but that’s what she told me.”

The 1980s heartthrob confirmed Wednesday that his 23-year-old daughter had gushed over DiCaprio, 48, during a Christmas Eve phone call after she was seen getting into the actor’s car in West Hollywood on Dec. 20.


“She’s very smitten,” Lorenzo, 64, told The Post. “I told her to treat the relationship like a holiday — just enjoy it as much as you can for as long as it lasts. And if it lasts for more than a typical holiday, great. But if not, then just guard your heart, you know? Because she’s very young.”

“I just told her, you know, absolutely no trans-Atlantic cruises with Leo,” Lorenzo joked. “Anyway, I’m excited for her. I know that it’s been a while since she’s had a serious relationship … She’s got a big heart and she tends to give it freely.”

Um, thanks for the dad joke, dad, but you f-cked up. Because nothing hustles Leo out the door quicker than gossip. And now Victoria’s dad is commenting ON THE RECORD about his daughter’s romance with one of the most notoriously private celebrities in Hollywood?! 

When Victoria found out that Lorenzo was putting her sh-t on blast, she obviously lost it on him. Because then he had to call the NY Post back. 

“I only talked to you because I felt it would be a positive thing, but she does not feel that way,” Lorenzo admitted. “They’re friends, they’re not in a serious relationship,” he continued. “And I just want that to be clear.”


Lamas then characterized the connection as a “friendship,” noting Victoria and DiCaprio had met in a “social environment” rather than a romantic one.

“They were seen one time in West Hollywood at a club,” Lamas said. “I mean, that is not dating.”

Asked if Victoria was still “very smitten” with DiCaprio, Lamas demurred: “Yeah, smitten, but they’re not dating. She’s fond of him, obviously. But they’re not dating, and she does not want that out there because that would be really bad. It’d be embarrassing for her if he should happen to read something that said that they’re dating and they’re not.”


Lorenzo Lamas is not good for his daughter’s personal life but he is GREAT for gossip. Unfortunately for us, I’m thinking he’s riding the bench now, or maybe he didn’t even travel with the team because there’s more. The NY Post kept him on the phone after he backtracked about Victoria and Leo and kept pressing him (and playing him) – of course they did. And they ended up getting more out of him: 

“Still, Dad couldn’t resist doubling back on himself.

“They’re just friends, but she is smitten, of course,” he repeated. “And that was my cautionary tale to her: Just take one step at a time. But as of now, they’re not an item. They’re not exclusive to each other.”


OMG, DAD. Stop talking! But also… keep talking!

Because that was December 29. Three days later, the NY Post published photos of Leo in St Barts celebrating New Year’s Eve with Drake and Tobey Maguire with a source saying that Victoria was there too

Who’s the source? I’m suuuuure it’s not Lorenzo, right? 

This is hilarious. And it sucks that everyone is still holiday-sleepy and checked out and can’t enjoy how amateur hour this whole thing has been. Has Victoria’s dad just f-cked her chances to become Leo’s 2023 bonafide? Or is there still one strike left? 

As for where Gigi stands in all of this? I mean maybe she’s still interested but also, for someone as cool as Gigi, Leo has to be more than a little embarrassing, non?