At the end of the previous post about Jennifer Aniston and the interminable speculation and Gossip Genie-ing for her to get back together with Brad Pitt, I said that gossip needs more super-couples. New super-couples. Well, here’s one: Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey. 


When it was Lori’s birthday last month, MBJ went all out on social media, making it clear, as if it wasn’t already, how serious they are about each other and that he’s totally in love. Yesterday was MBJ’s birthday. And Lori splashed out on IG for him in return. 

There was a series of stories, all of them dedicated to him, as she referred to him as: 

“My favourite headache”

“My big baby”

“My best friend”

“My sweet stubborn crazy ass Aquarius” 


And, of course, the nickname she’d previously shared with us: Nugget. 

She’s Turtle, he’s Nugget, and she loves him, she said so in the caption. And he responded with an “I love you too” in the comments. 


Is a social media “I love you” as serious as an in-person, right in your eyes “I love you”? Or is it more casual? Does the social media generation take “I love you” as seriously as it used to be taken? There was a time when you didn’t just drop that without it being like a MOMENT. If we’re going by those standards then, and if these two are openly declaring “I love you” to each other, then it was definitely preceded by “I love you” in private. The super-couple of 2021!