Lori Harvey pulled up to the CFDAs last night looking very expensive and just as everyone on social media was talking about whether or not she’s single again because apparently she and Damson Idris have unfollowed each other on social media and wiped each other from their accounts.


By now we all know what this means – there is no misinterpreting the combination of the unfollow and the scrub. At this point nobody knows exactly why they’re over, but what we do know is that it’s never going to look bad on Lori. 


But the story isn’t over yet. Because after the CFDAs, Lori changed into a t-shirt and some underwear over sheer tights and hit up Odell Beckham Jr’s party. It’s giving I’m free, I’m available, and I’m taking applications. Because this is Lori Harvey, you KNOW they’re all sliding into her DMs now. They were probably always sliding into her DMs, it’s just that they have renewed motivation to try even harder…


Even though Damson was also at the party last night. Right now, at the time of this writing, whatever the f-ck time it is because I’m in Japan and my head and my body feel like they’re in different places, we don’t know how that all went down, the two of them being in the same place while everyone is wondering why they ended when they did. Lori, as you can see, does not seem bothered. And this is why, despite cycling through Future, and Michael B Jordan, and now Damson in quick succession, she never comes out of it the loser. Lori Harvey’s value goes UP every time she ends a relationship.