In my post about Lori Harvey yesterday I was talking about her jeans and what they would be categorised as: dad cut or straight cut? We’re going two for two with Lori and jeans because today she’s up again in another pair of jeans – and this time it’s more true to a dad cut than the previous pair. 


Lori stepped out for lunch yesterday and as you can see, these are pretty dad: high waist, wider through the hips and thighs, not much of a taper at the bottom and there is some bunching at the ankle. You’ll also note there’s a double hem: a proper hem that’s attached to a longer one so that it looks like one pair of jeans has been sewn on to another. Are you into it?

I’m not sold on the double hem but I do like the fit of the jeans. At this point in my life, it’s anything but skinny jeans. I can’t remember the last time I wore a skinny jean, my calves have been free for so long now I think they might revolt if I tried it – there is something specifically restricting about skinny jeans on your calves. Have you ever worn skinny jeans on a plane? By the second hour, for me at least, it’s hell. 


I’ll take dad jeans over skinny. And dad jeans over boot cut. In fact I would be more likely to wear a skinny than a boot cut. 

That said, Lori is wearing her dad jeans with heels and this is what makes the look. Dad jeans for comfort? 100%. Dad jeans for fashion… can they work without the height?