Promotional wardrobes are pretty much a standard now. Zendaya’s done it throughout her career, there was the Barbie press tour last year, Anne Hathaway’s been sizzling over the last few weeks with her The Idea of You styling, and now it’s Lupita Nyong’o’s turn. Lupita has kicked off the press tour for A Quiet Place: Day One and there seems to be an emerging theme: cat. 


In the carousel below you’ll see all kinds of subtle references. All black patent leather is giving Catwoman. But then there’s actual cat print in the accessories with the denim look: 


But if that wasn’t obvious enough, well, let’s get real in your face about it: 


First of all, THAT BODYSUIT. But also, LOL at her running away from the dude walking down the stories. Girl, haven’t we all been there when we’re doing impromptu photo shoots at the hotel or in the stairwell or walking up the block?!


So it’s a feline fashion parade. And the cat content continues today in London at the photo call with Lupita in a pink pantsuit posing with an actual cat, the cat from the movie, Schnitzel. 

Lupita Nyong'o poses with Schnitzel the cat at a photocall in support of "A Quiet Place: Day One" at IET London: Savoy Place on May 01, 2024, in London, England

OK so, like, just a word on animals and premieres? I love Lupita but I don’t love this Hollywood habit of dragging the animals out to the promotional events like they did with Messi the border collie who played Snoop in Anatomy of a Fall. He was at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon ffs, Ryan Gosling was obsessed with him, and I guarantee you Messi doesn’t give a f-ck about Ryan Gosling or anyone at that event and would have rather been at the park or at home taking a nap. 


I’ve never lived with a cat. I can say though that in my experience, having lived with dogs and seen how they behave around cats, cats are smarter. And therefore in my opinion have even less patience with this human f-ckery of dragging them around to these photo calls and movie premieres. Or …maybe I’m wrong about this. Maybe this is exactly what makes cats more intelligent, like Karl Lagerfeld’s Choupette, and the whole point of living is to be carried around everywhere and dressed up in bows and leather and studs and not having to walk anywhere by yourself? Like the spirit of Mariah Carey? 

Let’s play Photo Assumption with Schnitzel and decide whether or not Schnitzel actually wanted to be there today. 

While we’re at it, PROTECT SCHNITZEL. Sarah already addressed this when she posted about the A Quiet Place: Day One trailer a couple of months ago. The cat features prominently in the trailer, and there’s a global crisis and aliens are attacking and… now they’re trotting this cat out there for media and promotion, turning the cat into a celebrity and a fashion icon, making us care even more about the cat… 

So if the cat is not OK in the movie? WE RIDE AT DAWN! 

These people better sleep with one eye open. John Krasinski, I don’t even know what involvement he has in this movie anymore, but we will be coming for him, and everyone else. Do not f-ck with the cat.