The Gucci Love Parade runway show was a mega-Hollywood affair, literally held in the heart of Tinseltown, on Hollywood Boulevard in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theaters. Models stomped down the Walk of Fame, and the audience and runway alike included A-list names. Jared Leto’s appearance on the runway is not surprising, given his role in the upcoming House of Gucci (who do you think was more extra on that set, him or Lady Gaga?), but Macaulay Culkin, on the other hand, was a surprising face amidst the celebrities and models walking for Gucci. He’s been working his way back into the popular consciousness for a while, but he has avoided high-profile events like this till now.


Is it a sign that the Culkinaissance continues? I don’t know. It’s not like Mac is lining up work left and right. He did the tenth season of American Horror Story, but he hasn’t announced anything else. It seems more likely that Alessandro Michele just asked him to walk, and he said yes because it caught his fancy. I don’t think Macaulay Culkin is working off a master plan, seems more like he’s just pursuing the stuff that interests him. And that’s fine. He gave up his childhood—and in a way, his family—to entertain the world. He can spend his adulthood doing whatever the hell he wants to pass the time, whether it’s acting or not. The dude doesn’t owe anyone anything. Still, it’s nice to see him whenever and wherever he pops up. And he looks great in Gucci, the 70s styling really works for him. He looks like a character in The Nice Guys sequel we never got. Damn. Now THERE is a movie I’d like to see Macaulay Culkin in.