Machine Gun Kelly won an American Music Award last night and presented…but Megan Fox was notably absent. Notably because, well, for the last year or so, they’re usually all over each other at these kinds of events. It was at the AMAs in 2020 a year ago when they made their red carpet debut. Instead, MGK was joined last night by his daughter, Casie, so it could have simply just been a father-daughter occasion. At 12 years old, Casie would probably appreciate the AMA opportunity more since so many of her probable faves were at the show – no matter who your parent is, if you’re 12 years old, between Cardi or Chloe Bailey, or Jojo Siwa or BTS or Olivia Rodrigo, chances are at least one of those artists is hitting enough for you to lose your sh-t. 


And also, Megan was at the Met Gala on her own back in September, so it’s not like they never, ever do events apart…

But given how intensely Megan and MGK breathe each others’ essences, or however they would describe their connection, it’s not surprising that her absence has led to speculation about their status. The downside to intensity is volatility – which is a side to their relationship they’ve openly talked about, almost performatively. And that it’s part of the attraction.

Apparently Megan had other commitments which is why she wasn’t there. Whether or not that’s the whole reason, though, we will see them again. That’s almost a guarantee. Whether last night was nothing or something, these two are not done breathing each other.