I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – for those of us who grew up on Madonna, it’s no fun watching her not understand what to do with herself right now and not understand what to do on social media. There are worse things in the world than Madonna’s tone deafness, sure, but I repeat, she is capable of identifying injustice and calling out what needs to be called out. She’s just not great anymore at how to do it. And where to push the buttons. Literally. Like she might actually need a social media tutorial. (Dlisted) 


This is a big story today. It’s blowing up on Twitter and we’ll probably be talking about this for days: whether or not Kylie Jenner was lying about being a billionaire by overreporting the earnings from her makeup line. I mean, it doesn’t mean that she’s not rich as f-ck. Just not a BILLIONAIRE. Is it just me or does Forbes sound really pissed about this? Like to the point where they’re taking it personally? (Pajiba)

Uh…yeah. I want this caftan. I’m not pregnant and I really, really want this caftan on Katy Perry. Suddenly I miss my combat boots. For three or four years I’ve lived in combat boots until March, when lockdown happened and now there are whole days that go by where I don’t even put on shoes. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This thing about British people and not wearing baseball caps, which Carey Mulligan is talking about here – if that’s the case then why do the Tottenham Hotspur sell baseball caps? I know because I bought one for Jacek a couple of years ago. (Cele|bitchy) 

Kathleen wrote today about how even the word “normal” isn’t equal, not before the pandemic, and certainly not during. And to those of you who might be thinking while you’re reading this that you’re tired of hearing about it, well, as Kathleen notes, Black people are tired of living it. Please take a few more moments to better understand Black trauma. (Refinery29)