Maisie Williams and her boyfriend Reuben Selby showed up in matching Dior at the Dior show today in Paris. I do love this raincoat on her. And I love that she’s wearing it with no pants. The wellies are rad too. 


If we’re talking about ponchos with no pants though, Maisie wasn’t the only arrival to the show today throwing down that look. Look at this beautiful black and white piece. I’m obsessed. 

Dior ready-to-wear S/S 2021 "Dior" in Paris

So good, right? 

Maisie’s got her hood up to maintain the look and you can’t really see how she’s wearing her hair right now so here’s a better shot because we need to talk about this cut. 


Is this a light perm or has it been styled this way with an iron? It’s similar to what Miley Cyrus has been doing the last couple of months: 

What are we calling this? The Joan Jett shag? Is there a 2020 name for it? 

Remember the haircut of 2019? I called it the “Duana” because she was one of the first people to style her hair that way at the beginning of 2019. And then The Cut called it the “mega-popular Instagram haircut” and proclaimed it to be a lie.

This version that we’re seeing on Miley and Maisie leans deeper in that 70s vibe and probably requires a little more courage. Because where the 2019 haircut was still on the conventionally pretty spectrum, this fashion mullet situation is definitely a lot more polarising. I love it on Miley and I love it on Maisie. I don’t know if I would love it on me. But I desperately want to try. I won’t, because I’m full of sh-t and a weak, spineless asshole about my hair, and also I don’t really leave my house, but f-ck I am so curious about what it would look like. Whether or not I’d need a digital perm to make it really pop. How my eyes and the shape of face would play with this extreme of a cut. If you try it, let me know…and show me!