A week ago today social media was peaking with Steve Kornacki thirst. All we wanted to do was watch Map Daddy explain sh-t to us, with his clipboard in hand, and maybe a marker tucked into his mouth, doing speed calculations and getting more earnestly excited than anyone had a right to be about voting percentages and whatever. And then we had the nerve and hypocrisy to worry about whether or not he was getting any rest. 


Now that we know who won the election, definitively, and who lost the election, definitively, even though he’s being a tyrannical baby and refuses to accept it, Steve is well-rested but no one wants to let him go. Especially not his own network: 

I love how during parts of this clip, when he’s shown footage of himself at his map, with numbers scribbled all over it, even though the point of the piece is to tell him about how popular he is, he still wanted to go deep diving into his statistics – which is why he gets cut off, LOL. 

Anyway, Steve confirms that while he owns several pair of khakis, he didn’t change during the week because, well, he never left. I would prefer not to think about that too much so why don’t we stay with the Kornacki Khakis but focus on how Steve might be becoming a khaki #influencer because, hilariously, five minutes ago I just got a press release email from a clothing company trying to boost sales of its khaki offerings but using Steve Kornacki’s name in the title. Seriously, this is how the email came in: 


“#KornackiKhaki // Get the Look with XXX”

And there’s now another clothing item that he may be associated with. 

How long before he starts getting offered tie sponsorships? Or maybe that’s already happening. 

Will Steve Kornacki be like figure skaters, gymnasts, and swimmers? Every four years for a couple of weeks or so, when the Olympics happen, figure skaters, gymnasts, swimmers, sometimes snowboarders (Chloe Kim!) become superstars, occupying space usually reserved for Hollywood celebrities, trending on social media, making the talk show rounds, and showing up on entertainment news sites. Obviously Steve will still be doing his thing, especially with the run-off elections coming out, but there’s nothing like the heat of a presidential election every four years. And, as they say about athletes and their training, he peaked at the right time. 

You know who he reminds me of though? It just came to me now. Will let you know in the next post…