Well of course Barbie rollerblades. Actually, I thought these were roller skates before I zoomed in and, if I’m honest, I feel like roller skates would be more Barbie vibes than blades but then again, I’m no Barbie expert, and I’m certainly not here to pretend that I have better ideas than Greta Gerwig so let me just shut f-ck up about the rollerblades and talk about the fashion. 


So far in all the set photos that the paps have taken of Margot Robbie as Barbie over the last few days, it’s been the same pink outfit. Sarah posted shot of Margot and Ryan Gosling as Ken on what looked like the school run the other day in western clothing. It’s possible that these new shots of Margot rollerblading with America Ferrera are from the same day in the story. Because we’re not getting a Barbie story without multiple fits, right? Even in the press photo that was released as a “first look” she’s wearing a different outfit: 


That said, it’s understandable that they wouldn’t want to reveal too much, too many looks. Because the looks will 100% be a factor in this movie – you can’t tell a Barbie story without the presentation of Barbie, you can’t separate Barbie from what she looks like. And while Greta may ultimately be trying to make a point here about appearance, you still need the appearance for that to work. 

Speaking of appearance, Sarah asked last week if the appearance will apply to everyone in Barbie and Ken’s lives or if they’ll be the “bedazzled, theme-dressing power couple surrounded by normies”? I’m looking at America’s clothing and that reads pretty “normie” to me.