As anticipated, the big Hollywood premiere of Barbie was last night, arguably the most high-profile red carpet of the movie’s promotional schedule. Wardrobe is a critical part of every press tour – but the Barbie press tour takes that to a whole other level. Up to this point, Margot’s looks have been flawless. Stylist Andrew Mukamal has been taking inspiration from the Barbie archive, sourcing pieces that aren’t exactly an exact replica but embody the spirit of the doll. 


For the Hollywood premiere though – it was a recreation. This is the one they were saving for the moment. 


A custom design by Daniel Roseberry for Schiaparelli with Barbie in standout black instead of all the pinks and pastels that Margot has been wearing for weeks. So there was strategy in that too – the way to make black pop is to introduce after a wave of non-black. The result, as you can see, is exquisite. She looks incredible. 

Someone in the comments is saying that Andrew needs an award for all of this work – and he really does. Because the character press tour is his specialty. Remember how he killed it with Zoë Kravitz when she was promoting The Batman as Selina Kyle? As the kids say, I will never not gag over this look:


Andrew has now somehow surpassed himself. And we’re not even done yet. Because two days from now it’s Barbie in London – the same day as the SAG-AFTRA deadline. It’s one last carpet for a mic drop before a possible strike. Andrew and Margot will make it count.