Because of the holiday in Canada and the United States this week, we’ve missed a few of Margot Robbie’s Barbie looks as she continues to promote the movie, getting ever closer to what’s expected to be the big ass premiere in Hollywood this coming Sunday. 


Last week we covered Margot taking Barbie to Australia with a relentlessly amazing series of Barbie-inspired looks. From there it was onto Seoul, and the hits just kept coming. Again, let’s shout out her stylist, Andrew Mukamal, for this incredible work, because it’s more than just pulling clothes or even remaking them. The idea isn’t to have everything custom-ordered; the talent here is in matching the human designer pieces with the Barbie archive. 

Here's a great example – Sparkling Pink Barbie from 1964 and Moschino on Margot (flip through the carousel to see the original): 


The length of the skirt doesn’t have to be the same, the texture doesn’t have to be the same, but the spirit is there. And the accessories take it the rest of the way. 

Then there’s Margot as Day to Night Barbie from 1985. Again, flip through the carousel to see the inspo. This one is much closer, although Barbie’s briefcase in the “day” look is swapped out for a smaller handbag because nobody needs to be carrying around a briefcase on a red carpet unless you’re an accountant at the Oscars – which would actually be kinda hilarious if one of the accountants at the Oscars next year actually decides to do this. 


Yesterday the Barbie train arrived in Mexico. And in Mexico, Barbie was less about the dress than the accessories. “Earring Magic” Barbie 1992 showed up with big silver earrings and a matching belt worn with Balmain. And note that they replicated the texture of Barbie’s hair but not the exact hairstyle – SO SMART. 


Now we wait for Sunday. It’s Barbie in Hollywood. It’s Movie Star Barbie. And there’s so much to choose from – just google “Hollywood Barbie” or “Movie Star Barbie” and you can see all the options that come up. What do Andrew and Margot have planned? Will they stick with pink – or will we see Barbie in red or gold or…white? There’s literally a Hollywood Premiere Barbie, here’s what she looks like: 

Hollywood  Premiere Barbie

There’s also a Hollywood Cast Party Barbie:

Hollywood Cast Party Barbie 

These are pretty obvious choices, and maybe they want to be a little more subtle and it’s not like they don’t have hundreds to choose from. But whatever it is, they know they’ve been building to a major, major, MAJOR moment. Whatever Margot wears on that red carpet on Sunday is likely going to be one of the most well-known red carpet looks of the year.