The Barbie press stop in Sydney, Australia continues, and let’s enjoy it because depending on how things go down today, in the last hours of SAG-AFTRA negotiations, this might be it for the summer’s—maybe the year’s—most fun movie press tour. 


Following the fan event, at which Margot Robbie wore vintage Versace, she pulled another vintage Versace look for the “Celebration Party” at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, this also from the 1994/95 campaign, and first worn by Claudia Schiffer:

These are REALLY great looks on Robbie. As we’ve seen so much on this press tour already, Robbie rocks non-Chanel fashion extremely well. And when she has pulled Chanel recently, it’s been a more casual, off-carpet look that works for Robbie’s laid-back Aussie surfer vibe. Can we just declare Margot Robbie and Chanel a mismatch and free her from that contract? This is proving she is sartorially so much more interesting when she’s not dressed by Chanel! 


Also at the event were Issa Rae in a spectacular hot pink dress—this is doing the sheer trend right—Greta Gerwig in metallic gold, and America Ferrera in a black mini-dress. I love America’s fit, the huge flower makes it. It also works to wear “plain” black when everyone else is in such sparkly, bright colors. Where normally black blends in, here it’s deployed with perfect timing to stand out. 

Clearly, everyone’s stylists are talking about what their clients are wearing to these events, unlike at The Afterparty premiere, where everyone got a different dress code. It doesn’t look fussy and overdone, but there is some thought going into the Barbie team styling. They are crushing it. Or should I say, beaching it? Is describing things as “beach” a thing yet? It should be, at least for Barbie girl summer.