This one is polarising. Margot Robbie is a Chanel ambassador so she probably gets a first look at whatever’s the freshest. This is from the recent Couture collection, presented in January. I get why some people have a problem with it. This is not “pretty”. This is not “safe”. 

But that’s why I’m more into it than the too “pretty” and too “safe” Chanel dress she wore to the Oscars last year. Can you remember it? No. Exactly. At least you’ll remember this. 

You know what the problem is? If you compare this look on Margot to how it was sent down the runway, it’s all in the styling. Look at the way the hair was styled on the runway – to the extreme, leaning into its edge. Margot’s basically wearing a chignon. It’s almost like she’s trying to mute the very character of the dress. And the dress is fighting back. 

I predicted we would see her in something from this collection soon but this BAFTA dress was not one of my picks. At the Oscars though, I’m guessing she’ll come with something else on the list. And, hopefully, the decisions around the dress will give us a better payoff.