How could we go on Christmas break for a few days without a mention of our Christmas Angel, Mariah Carey? 


Mimi, as she does, is in Aspen for Christmas. And, as always at Christmas, there’s a lot for Mimi to celebrate – including her one billion streams: 


That’s a guaranteed, pretty much in perpetuity, cash payment every December. But there’s more cash for Mimi right now, because it’s also Mimi Christmas at McDonald’s right now. Mimi didn’t just a meal, she got a menu. And she decided to visit her menu at McDonald’s last night. I know this video is three minutes long, more than you usually bargain for on Instagram but it’s worth every moment. 


Monroe’s acting, that accent, all that ten-year-old twins energy, there’s a LOT going on here. Mimi thrives in this chaos. And while, no, the “please leave and never come back” moment isn’t great, I appreciate that Mimi included it. Kids aren’t perfect, there is no ten-year-old who doesn’t act out now and again. And Mimi checks her, there’s a brief gentle reminder, and then of course Mimi makes her grand entrance, in a red gown, naturally, in the store, and takes pictures with the staff, so the prank turns into a Christmas surprise for everyone in the store, and of course an excellent not-super produced promotional opportunity. You know how we know it’s not super-produced and about as grassroots as it gets? 

The lighting. 

She agreed to post a video of herself in McDonald’s lighting – which she calls out in the video. 


And in general, this is Mimi’s social media vibe. It’s not like we don’t know that Mimi loves a filter, works her best angles, has never been afraid of a little (a lot) of photoshopping. But she’s also not super precious about every Instagram and Twitter post being slick AF and shot on the best cameras by award-winning directors, cut to music and pro-edited. There’s a lot of content that’s a bit sloppy and pretty casual and that’s exactly why this McDonald’s visit is so entertaining. 

Now to the outfit of the week, who else could it be? 

Mimi and Bryan Tanaka went shopping yesterday and she’s in an excellent silver puffer, a tricked-out bucket hat (Prada), and a pair of really, really great boots with studded trim. I’ve been eyeing a silver puffer (not this one which is Lanvin and way out of the budget) for weeks now and she just made the decision for me. Mimi, the patron saint of self-giving, especially at Christmas!