A few days ago our lady Mimi was seen at a restaurant in LA with Bryan Tanaka. He was feeding her and they were eating out of each other’s mouths. Then this showed up on her Instagram:



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Well it’s not a flashback anymore because last night, check it out, Mimi and Bryan were papped after dinner at Nobu and it looks like they’re holding hands. Also he’s gazing at her adoringly, as he should be. I guess this is what Mimi was missing, having a man-fan around to glorify her at every moment. Which is why he’s been reinstalled as her official boyfriend. Benefits include eating well and flying private. Benefits do not include a personal vehicle or a wardrobe, unless she decides she wants to match. This, supposedly, was the problem last time, when Bryan decided that being in the presence of the Elusive Chanteuse wasn’t enough and he needed bonuses. I don’t know if I believe that that’s how it went down. What I would like to believe is that Mimi’s seeing JLO all closed-eyed and gushy with ARod and has decided she can’t be single for too long because that would make her look undesirable. Also there were all those rumours about her getting back together with Nick Cannon. Before Nick could shut that down, she might as well make sure we know there’s someone else in position to covet her.