You need this today. We all need this today. It’s an outrageous Mimi story – are you ready?

Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler made a movie together called The House. They asked Mimi to do a cameo. And she agreed. Rob Huebel, who is also in the movie, was on SiriusXM this week and described what it was like having her on set. The audio for the interview is below. In short:

-Mimi was 4 hours late (very standard)
-Mimi demanded that her trailer be decorated with all white flowers and stuffed lambs, to honour her fans (also very standard)
-Mimi did not want to sing the song that she was hired to sing
-When told that they wanted to do a scene that involved her being shot, she refused because “I don’t think my character would get killed by bullets. What if I deflected them like Wonder Woman?”



By all means, crab all you want about how difficult she is and how she’s a spoiled-ass child, etc blah etc blah etc blah. But if she wasn’t those things, if she wasn’t a God.Damn. pain, would this have happened? Would we ever be able to enjoy this moment? We would never know that Mimi goes on to other people’s film sets and demands to be WONDER WOMAN. I bet you she had an outfit ready for it too.