Here is something we could all use today: the irrepressible charm of human sunshine, Mark Ruffalo. He was on The Tonight Show doing some early hype for Avengers: Endgame, and Jimmy Fallon brought up Noah Centineo and how everyone thinks he looks like Mark Ruffalo. (OF COURSE Fallon brought it Noah Centineo - thirst recognizes thirst.) Ruffalo, being the personification of warm sunshine on a cloudless summer day, takes it all in stride, compliments Centineo, and generally makes that thirsty-ass kid look good by being gracious about his presumption that his mild resemblance to Ruffalo is remarkable. (If you can’t tell, I’m not a huge fan of Noah Centineo. His Extreme Thirst really turns me off and I still don’t see how he’s any different from Kellan Lutz in that department.)

Ruffalo then moves the conversation along because ninety seconds is all of Mark Ruffalo’s time that Noah Centineo deserves. After that, they discuss Avengers: Endgame or, rather, how Ruffalo keeps getting in trouble for accidentally spoiling details about Avengers movies. I tend to think this is largely a setup, and that after an honest mistake, Ruffalo and the Disney media brain trust ran with the narrative that Ruffalo Cannot Be Trusted and might Spoil Things At Any Moment. But whether it is or isn’t media strategy, Ruffalo is adorable and the narrative fits his sort of “vaguely disheveled professor” vibe. He’s so good at working this vibe you can almost ignore Fallon’s obnoxious overreactions to the tiniest details. This is Mark Ruffalo’s gift to the world—he makes the intolerable tolerable. So give yourself a five minute break today and absorb some of the Vitamin D Mark Ruffalo is shining down on all of us.