Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams are in Rome, filming All the Money in the World, and Lainey emailed like, “This seems weird, Michelle and Marky Mark.” At first glance, sure, odd. Michelle Williams isn’t known for the kind of movies Wahlberg often stars in, and vice versa. But Money is Ridley Scott’s next movie, based on the kidnapping of J. Paul Getty III in the 1970s (the one where they mailed the kid’s ear to a newspaper because the family wouldn’t pay the ransom). It’s a thriller being described like Argo and Wahlberg plays the agent dispatched to work the kidnapping. So it’s a total Mark Wahlberg Role. Williams, meanwhile, will play JPGIII’s mother, Abigail, and Kevin Spacey is in as John Paul Getty, Jr.

It’s strange they’re doing this as a thriller, though, since the resolution to the kidnapping was relatively anti-climactic: The family paid the ransom, eventually, and the kid was let go. There’s no heroic rescue in the dead of night or daring, Room-style escape. It makes more sense as a family drama centered on the squabbling over the ransom: The elder Getty didn’t want to pay, and he charged his son interest on the ransom loan, so that’s a happy family Thanksgiving to look forward to.

But Ridley Scott isn’t a “family drama” director, and if Mark Wahlberg is playing an agent working the kidnapping, then how much do you want to bet that there will be some kind of heroic action sequence made up for the movie? (“Tawmmy we gawta go save the hahstahge!”) You can see Wahlberg and Williams filming a hectic crowd scene below, so he’s fully in protector/rescuer mode, and no one communicates vulnerability better than Williams. It might seem odd on paper, but they’re both playing to their strengths. Hey remember when Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan had an affair while making a kidnapping movie? Not suggesting anything, just…remember that?