Yesterday, TMZ broke the news that my favourite Olsen (tied with Ashley) Mary-Kate is getting divorced from French millionaire Olivier Sarkozy. (Note: I didn’t Google his net worth, I just assume he’s a millionaire.)


These two had a legendary wedding not because of the dress or guest list or venue (all kept private) but because of the now legendary detail that leaked: bowls of cigarettes on the tables for guests. This anecdote is a gossip favourite and a popular footnote on social media. What I wouldn’t do to see a photo of this, just a glimpse of the set up: ceramic or crystal? Marlboro Reds or Camels? Zippos or matches? 

But now, Mary-Kate and Olivier’s marriage has burnt out and all that’s left is a smoldering pile of butts in the ashtray of life. Here’s what TMZ knows: Mary-Kate signed a divorce petition on April 17, which no one knew about until now. What has blown the story up is that Olivier reportedly terminated the lease on their Manhattan home (wait, does this mean they rent?) and gave her until May 18 to vacate. MK has plenty of cash to get a new home, but she can’t move because of the pandemic. She wants an emergency court order to give her more time (read the legal details here). 

Is this some dirty dealing or a level-headed legal maneuver for more time? According to her team’s filing, they are not speaking (she says she asked him for more time and he hasn’t responded) so something fell apart. E! reported that MK is leaning on Ashley and a group of friends for support and they’ve left the city because the divorce has gotten “very ugly".


This is a lot of new information to us and surprising only because the twins are super private; clearly they have a trustworthy group around them because marriages don’t fall apart overnight, and yet none of this leaked. TMZ always has the jump on divorces and deaths and even they are month behind. Now that it’s out in the open, I imagine that she’s probably wearing a black kaftan and chain smoking while she paces the halls of a slightly spooky mansion. So, the usual Wednesday. (Please, fashion gods, give us a Mary-Kate Vogue pictorial next month.)

What I need to know is, are her coins safe? According to US Weekly, they have an “ironclad” prenup, which is a relief. Our girl did not spend puberty in front of a green screen to lose it all to her first husband.

RIP cigarette bowls.