The new Giambattista Valli collection is so pretty, and Giamba is always pretty – but the standout for me is the hair accessory. All these hair bows. Will you be putting bows in your hair? Ribbons tied in very prominent bows? They kinda sorta almost look like rabbit ears, non? Very Blair Waldorf. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Just before the summer, Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivia Sarkozy broke up and it seemed like the situation was ugly because he was trying to throw her out of their apartment. They were able to shut down the gossip shortly after that and we haven’t heard much for months. But now comes word that MK is dating again – just casually but, you know, given that we’re in a pandemic, even casual dating seems like an accomplishment. What if the next person she falls in love with isn’t a smoker though? (Dlisted) 


Haven’t heard much from Taylor Swift lately. But when she emerges, she’s not subtle. Taylor isn’t just telling people to vote, she’s telling them exactly who she’s voting for. Not that there was any doubt, not that anyone thought she’d be voting for Donald Trump, but saying out loud does mean something. Especially since she’s voting in a red state.  (Cele|bitchy) 

The other night Jacek and I were watching TV and an ad came on for an upcoming profile – I think it was on CNN? – of Michelle Obama with footage of her speaking at the DNC and meeting people and basically just being Michelle Obama, the best. I looked over and there were tears in Jacek’s eyes. We’re not even American and that’s how much people miss the Obama standard. (Pajiba) 

LeBron James and the Lakers are just one win away from the NBA championship in a year that, well, started off in the worst way for the Lakers. LeBron would be winning a title with a third team – it’s a major achievement. Not that he already isn’t the King, but holy sh-t, this is next level bonkers. I love this piece on what he’s been able to do, and there’s a hilarious reference to George Clooney’s character in Oceans Eleven to Thirteen. (The Ringer)