Zendaya has been in New York with Tom Holland while he promotes Uncharted which opens today. Sarah’s review will be posted later. Last night they watched the Rangers play the Red Wings while everybody else watched them. And by everyone else I mean social media because the tweets made it feel like it was a mini-episode of Euphoria, with the trauma and violence. Maybe this is what we need on a weekly basis to protect us from how much stress Euphoria inflicts on us every Sunday. 


Needless to say, my inbox and DMs were on fire from Tomdaya’s hockey game cuteness. Here’s my favourite, name withheld to protect the innocent: 

“They are rude as f-ck for reminding me how single I am” – this from a person who actually sent two emails half an hour apart because she was spiralling over the Tomdaya slideshow, which you can see here

Remember in 2019 when Pete David and Kate Beckinsale were dating? Barely, I know, but those two were together for a minute and they, too, went to a Rangers game and this moment went viral because of Antoni Porowski. 


It isn’t quite like this with Tom and Zendaya because with Tomdaya, there is no squick factor but in some of these shots, it does feel like they’re the only ones in the arena but no one told his brother and Hunter Schafer. Also, it looks like the Rangers gave them each a jersey – and they decided to switch, with Z wearing Tom’s on the way out and Tom wearing hers. And their masks. Big-ups to the three of them for staying masked the whole time even though it’s optional at the venue. 

These two are basically my new Korean drama for the feel-goods. Like, stop it, you two. You’re making me believe the world can be good. And fantasies like that only get punished. 

For now, though, these two are bliss, clearly much more comfortable out in the open with their relationship, while still able to keep most of it to themselves. This is the sweet spot.