Chris Hemsworth was in the US last week doing a final push for Avengers: Infinity War. God I love Thor so much now. And… I never, ever thought I would say that. But this is the work of Taika Waititi. If you haven’t seen it yet, skip to the next paragraph. SPOILER BEGINS.



I SCREAMED when Thor shows up in Wakanda with his companions, “Rabbit” and Groot. It was a killer silhouette, non? “This is my friend, he’s a tree!” He’s also getting better and better at saying stupid sh-t and leaning into his bimbo-ness. I really want Thor to hang out with Shuri. I want to see how Shuri would sass him. 


Chris returned to Sydney on Saturday and he was joined by his BFF Matt Damon. Matt and his family spent Easter in Australia with Chris and his family. Matt only returned to LA last week, around the same time as Chris. His family evidently didn’t join him because, presumably, he came back with Chris to return to his wife and kids. So it’s been over a month, which makes sense because you don’t go all the way to Australia only to hang for a weekend. There were reports a few months ago that Matt was planning to move his family to Australia. This only adds to that speculation. Clearly they intend to stay even longer because otherwise, given the distance, he’d hang back in LA for only a few more days if his family would be home soon.  

I’m sure you’ve heard about Ben Affleck joking about Matt and Chris being inseparable on Twitter:

And here’s how Chris responded:

There were a few more exchanges with Kimmel involved. So everybody’s laughing about whether or not there’s a bro triangle happening which means there’s no drama here and Ben’s not jealous of Chris and Chris isn’t stealing Matt from Ben and nobody’s mad at nobody else. OK fine. But when Matt and Chris are off for months together in Australia, who IS Ben hanging out with?