Page Six had a story the other day about Matt Damon’s Brooklyn home. It’s a 6,000 sq ft penthouse that takes up the 11th, 12th, and top floors of the Beaux Arts building, where his friends Emily Blunt and John Krasinski also live. Supposedly Matt and his family purchased the place for $16.5 million and I guess they’re getting ready to move in because a couple of days ago, the block had to be shut down so that they could get a crane in to lift his furniture and some trees into the unit and onto the patio. You ever see people moving and they’re trying to get a couch up a stairwell? (Friends, I know.) Well the wealthy version of that is hiring a crew with a crane. I mean this sounds naïve but I’ve always wondered how they get things all the way up to places like this – and I’m thinking now it must work the same way with hotels?


While all that was happening in New York, Matt was in California. As you know, he spent the early part of lockdown in Ireland and returned to LA some time in May. Since then he’s been seen visiting Ben Affleck on a few occasions. He was photographed yesterday with his family and friends and dogs on the beach in Malibu before, perhaps, heading back to NYC soon? 

According to CNN California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas “have become the states to watch as surging coronavirus cases lead to a shortage of hospital beds”. New York however, at least this week, seems to have stabilised their situation. With that in mind and a brand new home waiting for them, can we assume Matt and family will be heading back east soon and are enjoying Malibu as much as they can now?