Matt Damon, his wife Luciana, and their children spent Easter in Australia. That was late March/early April. It’s a long way to Australia from North America. You don’t just go for a weekend. But it’s now been two months. And the Damons are still there. 

Matt was with Chris for a week in LA to promote Avengers: Infinity War at the end of April and then returned to Australia with him to rejoin his family. Here they are a couple of days ago at the beach in North Stradbroke. Elsa Pataky wasn’t there but she’s filming nearby. Is this a very, very long holiday or is Australia semi-permanent for them? A few months ago, there were rumours that Matt was leaving the United States because of the political situation and buying a home there. His reps were quick to deny it and sources said, at the time, that he was just planning to stay three months with this family and they’d leave as soon as he started shooting again. 

Chris is expected to begin work on the Men In Black reboot/spinoff this month. Matt’s next project is the Ford vs Ferrari film which is currently in pre-production. He also reportedly has a cameo in Ocean’s 8 opening next week. The New York premiere is next Tuesday. I can’t see him flying in for that. And it’s not like they need him either, although it would kind of be a cool show of solidarity to see both Ocean's crews gathered on one red carpet.