We’re going to get to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez – aka the best thing to happen to celebrity gossip in a LONG time – and all the new developments (it hasn’t even been 24 hours since the last development) in a separate post but right now, I’d like to get up a quick standalone because Matt Damon was just on Today and he was asked about the thing that everyone is gossiping about…


And everyone IS definitely gossiping about it…

Bennifer was trending on social media all day yesterday after TMZ broke the story that they were in Montana together and the Daily Mail posted the photos. And most of it was fun – people reminiscing about how they were back in their 2003/2004 feelings again, people commenting on Ben’s JLo glow-up, just people in general bringing out their best content for Twitter. Like this tweet, LOLOLOLOL: 


To borrow from Marie Condo (is this even a thing anymore?), Bennifer Redux is “sparking joy”. And I really, really, really hope that Ben, in particular, can appreciate that. It’s his personal life, for sure. And he’s struggled with how public his personal life has been in the past. That said, let’s not pretend that Ben wouldn’t know that he and JLo together again would be a heatscore, like the hottest heatscore possible. And that when celebrities want to conceal something, they can conceal it. JLo’s always been able to manage being a heatscore without seeming to be tortured by it. All these years later, I wonder if he can follow her lead on that, without getting too inside his head about it. 

And maybe that’s what Matt Damon was doing here, a little. When he’s asked about Bennifer – and hilariously Savannah and Hoda actually refer to Ben and JLo as Bennifer – he dodges at first, because obviously he can’t be putting his best friend’s love life on blast, but then at the end, you’ll note that he throws in a “if it’s true”, followed by an “I hope it’s true”, noting that he “loves them both”. 


That sounds like a blessing, and remember, Matt could have just dodged the whole time and no one would have blamed him. The fact that he added that in, I wonder, even though he claimed to not know if “it’s true”, if it gives us some insight into how Ben might be feeling – if he’s heard from Ben, a HAPPY Ben.

But then again, he may not have heard from Ben. Because Ben and JLo seem pretty deep in their situation right now. And I think we’ve all been there, when it’s new (again) and intense, it’s the only focus. If that’s the case, Matt’s actually sending a message to Ben through this interview. What would the message be? It’s fine, dude. Go for it. Get her back.