I have to say this sorry in advance but… how did we go from Hot Girl Summer to Douchebag Winter?! 

G-Eazy was trending on Twitter yesterday morning. Like so many others on Twitter, I was really disappointed to find out why. 

Megan and G-Eazy were at a Super Bowl party together this weekend. They seemed… close. 


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Then they got even closer – this, below, by the way is what he posted and then deleted on Instagram: 

I remember being in my early 20s and having my ass hanging out over a dude's crotch and his face in my neck with a village of people surrounding us. Sometimes I went home alone. Sometimes I didn’t. Meghan says whatever was happening on that couch with G-Eazy did not result in anything, um, deeper. 


But the best part is how she replied when someone pressed her about why his mouth was all over her face: 


Please note that while G-Eazy had Megan all over his IG, Meghan did not throw him up on hers. There’s a sign. As for what really happened…all that matters now is that, despite the fact that she was clearly OK with him filming her, she wants it known that that moment is all there was. Which tracks. Even a moment with Megan is enough of a blessing for G-Eazy. He calls himself G-Eazy. Doesn’t that tell you everything?!