Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were recently on holiday in Ibiza for six days. They stayed at a villa and flew there on a private jet. Which… I mean they’re royals. Prince William and Catherine were just in Mustique and that was a private jet and luxury situation too. But here’s how the Sun decided to report on this story:

The mini break may come as a surprise to many royal fans as the Duchess of Sussex was expected to celebrate her birthday with low-key celebrations.

A royal source previously said she would not want anything extravagant after the “PR disaster” following her opulent £300,000 baby shower in New York.

The source told Fabulous Digital that Meghan would avoid anything extravagant, and said: “Frogmore Cottage will host a celebration for Meghan's birthday.

“The Clooney clan will be in Villa Oleandra on Lake Como and the Sussexes will not want to be seen enjoying more of their lavish hospitality after the PR disaster backlash post the US baby shower.”

Meghan came under fire earlier this year after she flew on a private jet, stayed in the most expensive suite in New York and had a host of A-list pals attend her baby shower.

No expense was spared, and the royal mother-to-be was criticised for acting more like a glamorous superstar than the wife of an heir to the throne.

Really? The baby was born three months ago and we’re still talking about the baby shower and “lavish” trips? OK. Let’s talk about “lavish” trips. How about private jets and lavish trips with a convicted sex offender? 

Remember the time Prince Andrew flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private Gulfstream to Palm Beach, Florida? Palm Beach is where Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly lured their victims – underage girls who are now accusing them of forcing them to have sex with rich, powerful men. How’s that for “lavish”? 

Andrew was at Balmoral with the Queen when court documents in the Epstein case were unsealed on Friday and he subsequently died by suicide the next day but he’s apparently left – on a private jet! - cutting short his holiday. 

So…again… where’s the op-ed or the snide, snarky commentary about Prince Andrew’s shady connections? Every day I’m shocked – shocked! – to wake up to find nothing in the Sun or the Daily Mail, no bombastic essay raging about how he’s bringing down the reputation of the royal family, about his past impropriety, at the very least his lack of judgment in friendships, one particular friendship that’s left a stink that hasn’t washed off for over a decade, a stink that keeps reactivating every couple of years or so. We’re still not going to talk about that, are we? That’s the point, perhaps? That if they don’t talk about it then maybe people will stop talking about it and we can go back to business as usual? When Meghan Markle’s guest-edited issue of British Vogue came out they churned out article after article trashing her for seven days straight and now a former friend of Prince Andrew accused of sex trafficking dies in federal detention as his victims repeatedly namecheck Andrew in the lawsuits, with photos of Andrew and his arm around one of those alleged victims continues to go unexplained…and it’s crickets. 

Maybe tomorrow?