King Charles’s coronation is now three weeks away and even though this is supposed to be the King’s day, is he really the main character in this story? Because there’s been so much energy directed at two other people and whether or not they’ll be attending. 


It was confirmed a few weeks ago that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were invited to the coronation. Since then there’s been endless speculation over whether or not they would show up and how they would be involved and what the vibes would be and this and that and the other. Yesterday, at last, an answer: Harry will be there, but Meghan will sit this one out, staying in California instead with their two children – Archie’s birthday is the same day as the coronation. 

And now, naturally, that’s the major headline. Check out the cover of The Sun. Front page guilt-tripping, the dramatics! 

The Sun

It was always going to be hysterics no matter what Harry and Meghan decided to do. If Meghan had decided to be there, they would have been all like, “how dare you!”, given how mad they were about her revealing how unsupportive the royal institution treated her – why are you here if you felt so unwelcome?! 

But since she’s decided not to come, now it’s all, “how could you not come!”, which kinda centers her as the all-star VIP/MVP of the coronation, non? 

Make up your minds!

At the same time, I can sort of understand where the British tabloids are coming from… because Harry and Meghan give them content. That’s why they’re so desperate for her to be there – right now, the king’s coronation doesn’t sound all that, um, exciting. The inside baseball on certain international media outlets is that many of them aren’t even sending full teams to cover it. 


But that’s probably what factored into Harry and Meghan’s decision. She and Harry are always a heatscore when they’re together and if they were to attend the coronation together, they’d literally have fancams on them every single second. The Daily Mail would probably livestream those fancams. And given that these two are suing a few of these publications, they’re probably not interested in serving up more traffic and action to them.

On the family front, though, I mean I feel like some of us can relate. It’s not unusual for spouses to divide up the facetime where their respective relatives are concerned. I know so many couples who operate like this. Let me deal with my crazy family and you can deal with your crazy family and we’ll call it a day. Looks like Harry and Meghan are doing the same.