Back in the day, “Hot Harry on a Horse” used to be a thing around these parts. And for those of you who weren’t visiting in those times, it’s not that complicated: Prince Harry is hot when he’s riding a horse, scenes from all that polo playing that was part of his royal schedule. It’s been a while since Harry’s been hot on a horse but this spring, we’ve seen a Hot Harry on a Horse comeback of sorts as he’s been doing the polo thing a few weekends in a row now in Santa Barbara. And Meghan Markle has joined him on a couple of those occasions, including this past Sunday. The photos from the day have been a bit hit, for a few reasons. 


First, Harry and Meghan aren’t out all that much. They’re talked about a lot, for sure, but they’re not seen a lot, certainly nowhere near the degree that they come up in conversation. Next, the Sussexes served up a kiss which, I mean, that’s always gossip newsworthy where celebrities are concerned but on top of that it’s the comparison to when Princess Diana kissed Prince Charles at the polo in 1985 …

Prince Charles (prince Of Wales) Kissing His Wife, Princess Diana (princess Of Wales), Who Is Presenting The Prizes After A Match At Guards Polo Club


…and was also wearing black and white polka dots, just in the reverse pattern. 


Kisses at polo are a thing and so are polka dots, so this is basically a polo photo shoot with Harry and Meghan looking delighted and living their best California life. It really is a great outfit on her. 

And in the weeks to come, I wonder what other outfits we’ll see – of course I’m talking about the Jubilee, and their now-confirmed return to London for the celebrations, but not on the balcony, which anti-Sussexers have practically turned into their last names at this point. Ie. “Harry and Meghan NOT ON THE BALCONY were at polo this weekend.” 

Not being on the balcony is not going to make them any less of a heatscore for those few days. In fact, they will probably be THE heatscore of the Jubilee, because as much as the UK tabloids want to put it on blast that they won’t be on the balcony, they also won’t be able to help themselves with wall-to-wall Sussex coverage. 

In other Sussex news, Page Six reported last week that as part of their deal with Netflix, Harry and Meghan will indeed be doing an “at-home” docuseries. Cameras have already been following them around publicly for the better part of a year, and now along with Harry’s highly anticipated memoir, due out near the end of this year, we’ll ostensibly also be getting a reality series about their lives. According to Page Six, what’s being debated now is the timing – Netflix wants the series to launch with the book while Harry and Meghan, supposedly, are pushing for 2023. 


Interesting that Page Six was the one to break this because they were also the ones with the exclusive last summer about Harry’s book deal. Someone there must have an in to the Sussexes or their team because given who owns the NY Post, you wouldn’t think this would be the publication to break so many Sussex stories. Something to keep an eye on going forward. 

As for what exactly we might see in this series – Netflix for a long time was known to not give notes, which is one of the reasons they’ve been able to attract creatives, in addition to all that money they’ve been throwing around. But times have changed. Netflix is no longer flush. Major changes are underway and I wonder whether or not “notes” will be one of those big changes. If Harry and Meghan’s series isn’t as “intimate” as the audience is hoping for, will Netflix push back and be like, give us more? More secrets, more behind-the-scenes, more tea?