Meghan Markle made a surprise appearance on CNN’s Heroes special this weekend to pay tribute to those who gave us hope during this dreadful year – those who sacrificed their wellness and safety to help patients, community leaders who came together to assist their neighbours, help other families, and generally uphold our dwindling faith in humanity. 


This is Meghan’s first appearance since revealing in The New York Times last month that she’d experienced pregnancy loss. As you can see, the pre-taped video was shot at the Sussexes’ new property in Montecito, perhaps the couple’s most significant… development, for lack of a better word, this year: acquiring a new home, after months of uncertainty following their decision to step down as senior members of the British royal family. Many of us can probably relate to what it means to be home, to have a safe space, a place that’s yours, where you can recharge but also from where you can begin to build out. And the Sussexes are definitely building out. 

We know about their deal with Netflix. Now it’s been confirmed that she’s an investor. But this was the first step in that reveal: 


So Oprah is Meghan and Harry’s neighbour. And she received a gift basket. With some new healthy drinks. And she tagged the brand. Well, the brand is Clevr Blends and Fortune just reported that she’s an investor in the start-up:

“The duchess is investing in Clevr Blends, a startup that makes instant oat-milk lattes. In a statement announcing her investment in the brand—which is led by cofounder and CEO Hannah Mendoza—Meghan emphasized her interest in supporting female-founded companies, which received only 2.7% of venture capital funding in 2019. The personal investment is Meghan's first to be made public.

"This investment is in support of a passionate female entrepreneur who prioritizes building community alongside her business," the duchess said in a statement to Fortune. "I’m proud to invest in Hannah’s commitment to sourcing ethical ingredients and creating a product that I personally love and has a holistic approach to wellness. I believe in her and I believe in her company."

So in one of her first moves as an investor, somehow she gets Oprah to endorse it?! Oprah’s not just posting the video, she’s tagging Clevr Blends in the caption – seemingly for free? There’s been no word that Oprah’s investing, at least not yet. Maybe that’s coming because she likes the drink so much. But Oprah knows what the value of her promotions are, and the fact that she’s doing this says a lot about her relationship with Meghan and the support she’s evidently willing to give her.