Meghan Markle made a surprise trip to Uvalde, Texas yesterday to pay respects to the victims and support the community; she donated food and other necessities and spent time talking with some of the volunteers in the area. Buzzfeed has more details about her visit, with commentary from people who spoke to Meghan and one person said that they didn’t know who she was at first and thought “she was our neighbour”.


Meghan previously spoke out against gun violence after Sandy Hook and spoke to CNN in 2014 after the shooting at Reynolds High School in Oregon. But it’s not like anyone needs a resumé to prove that they care about this issue – who hasn’t been profoundly affected by what happened at Robb Elementary the other day, and all the times before? Too many f-cking times before! 

A Sussex spokesperson confirmed that Meghan made the trip “in a personal capacity as a mother” – she has two children now, Archie just turned three years old, he’ll soon be in full-time school. She may be a duchess but she can relate to so many parents out there who are terrified by this American reality. 

But, again, like I wrote the other day, it’s not just Americans who are heartbroken and scared. Here in Toronto, just yesterday, several schools were on lockdown after it was reported that there was a man walking around with a gun


As for those wondering how Buzzfeed broke this story, Ellie Hall posted a Twitter thread to clarify some of the questions – and address some of the doubts, although why anyone is bringing that energy to this situation is beyond: 


Here’s video of her at the memorial. 



If we’re directing doubting energy to any footage or video though, maybe it should be this one. It IS excellent and persistent interviewing by Mark Stone. People like Ted Cruz are exactly the ones who should be challenged for their inaction, for what they choose to prioritise, and what they actually show up for and don’t show up for.