As I wrote yesterday, Meghan Markle’s Archetypes podcast wasn’t my favourite – I thought it was overproduced and the hybrid they were going for, between what was supposed to be intimate conversations with other high-profile women and an academic perspective from experts and scholars, didn’t quite land. Analysing the pod on its execution, the way we review a television show or a movie, is fair. There was room for improvement on Archetypes. 


What isn’t fair is taking certain standard production elements out of context. In television and documentaries and in podcasts, it’s not unusual for producers to interview certain guests. Where I work, we call it “spearing”. The fact that there’s an actual name for the practice tells you how common it is. And it is very common in podcasting for the “host” of a pod to not conduct every single interview – although that’s obviously not how it’s been distorted in Meghan’s case. (Cele|bitchy) 

Madonna’s current boyfriend is Josh Popper, a boxer. He is 29 years old. But before she made him her bona fide, she reportedly had him sign an NDA. The source here is Radar Online so… you know, jack up the skepticism but also, it’s not exactly a scoop. Superstars on Madonna’s level, and there aren’t many of them, they need certain protections. She’s rich AF. She’s an icon. She has her secrets. So there’s definitely a risk. How is this news?! (Dlisted) 


The Fug Girls are calling this outfit on Gabrielle Union “perplexing”. LOL, it was on the list for me as a possible Outfit of the Week but the only downside is that Gabby has been featured before, multiple times, as the OOTW. I love it, although I do agree that it’s incongruous – but deliberately so. I think the point here was to cover up on top and throw a party on the bottom. And speaking of bottom, it’s a full ass from the back. Not everyone could make this work. But Gabrielle Union made it work.  (Go Fug Yourself) 

You heard about what happened to Bebe Rexha at her show, right? When some jackass decided to throw his phone at her and it hit her in the face and she was injured? He’s been arrested and while there’s no reasonable explanation for why he did it, the reason he provides is… stupid and irresponsible and he’s not the only one who’s done this. As Kayleigh Donaldson writes, other artists have experienced similar and I’m not sure about these people and their idea of what comedy is but, like, this isn’t it. (Pajiba) 

Teen Vogue has Ice Spice on the cover and says she’s “ascending”. That is an understatement. (Teen Vogue)