Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the 100 Days to Peace concert last night in London, their second engagement this week. The signature Sussex handholding was on display. But that’s not what the conversation is today. The conversation is about the dress. And, specifically, how she looks in the dress. And why this dress was chosen. 

The dress itself is not all that remarkable. It’s safe blue. It’s a safe shape. But those vertical ruffles down the front of the body…well… you know what the speculation is now. Are we looking at an announcement soon?! They fell in love quickly. They got engaged relatively quickly, by royal standards. They got married not too long after that. And now, will the “next” thing be quick too? Were the Sussexes the OG Fast Flame? 

Well, since we’re here, let’s discuss the possibility of pregnancy. I mean, obviously it’s always possible. But I mean the timing. Harry and Royal Meghan are touring Australia and New Zealand and Fiji this fall. These days, with pregnancy, travel is always a concern. Particularly with Zika. There are Zika advisories in some destinations on this tour. So if she is pregnant, that will be a major consideration. 

Now that there’s all kinds of speculation about this, however, and we haven’t heard from the Thomas Markle Zone, you know he can’t resist an opportunity to wedge himself into the narrative. Thomas Markle likes to make his famewhore drops on the weekend. By Sunday, then, I wonder if we’ll be hearing all kinds of new f-cksh-t from him like, I can’t wait to meet my grandchild.