Royal Meghan’s Coat of Arms

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Well, sh-t. I totally forgot about this. For many non-royal people, getting married involves a lot of planning – the ceremony, the rings, the dress, etc etc etc. For Meghan Markle, getting married also involved the design of her own royal letterhead and her coat of arms, both of which were released today. 

Let’s start with her letterhead: 


Not going to lie – it looks kinda basic. Like what any girl dreaming of being a princess would have come up with on clipart. That said, none of us could ever use letterhead like that and expect to be taken seriously. In Royal Meghan’s case, that’s legitimately how her letters will go out. I like the coat of arms a lot more:

It’s been explained that there’s a lot of California represented here. The blue for the Pacific Ocean and the rays of sun on the shield for the sunny skies. Royal Meghan, as you can see, is a songbird. With the power of communication illustrated in the form of the quills. I love it. I love that the beak is open, deliberately, meant to show that the songbird will use her voice. Not unlike a squawking chicken, only a lot more elegant. But the message is clear, I think, and intentional. This duchess will speak. 

Now I’m trying to decide what animal mine would be. Probably a cow, because I was born under the sign of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac, pulling a cart, destined to a life of labour. A commoner for life then who wouldn’t get a coat of arms to begin with. Yep. 

When Kate Middleton married Prince William, shortly before the wedding, the Middleton family also got a coat of arms, remember? Obviously not an option for the Markles. Can you imagine what kind of shenanigans Samantha Markle would get up to with a coat of arms?

In other Harry and Meghan news, they’re not expected to be seen again until after their honeymoon, rumoured to be in Namibia, although now that everyone thinks it’s Namibia, are they still going to Namibia? Let Ralph & Russo be a lesson – they impressively kept Givenchy locked down tight until the moment she stepped out of the car at the west steps of St George’s Chapel. Is Namibia the Ralph & Russo of honeymoon destinations? 

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