Prince Harry and Royal Meghan are now on honeymoon and there will likely be no more updates until they return for Trooping the Colour on June 9th where we’ll likely see her ride in carriage to Buckingham Palace. When he was single, Harry would ride with Camilla and Kate – here he is last year: 


There’s an extra seat in there for Meghan. And we’ll also see her waving from the Buckingham Palace balcony for the first time alongside the other members of the royal family. This is where placement gets interesting. Because, as always, the Queen and Prince Philip are up front. And then, presumably, succession comes into play? How do they decide who gets to stand where? Here’s what that looked like last year: 


As you can see, Harry’s in the second row. And Peter Phillips and his family occupy side positions. Will Meghan have to hang back? Will she get to be in the first row? Given how popular the Sussexes are right now, and Trooping the Colour is all about the royal family reminding the people of their value, I don’t think they’re going to be hiding Harry and Meghan. 

Here’s Meghan on the cover of the new issue of PEOPLE Magazine. She’s obviously been a big seller for them as they’re featuring her again with, really, nothing new to report. There are quotes about how she’s looking forward getting to work on advancing her causes, how she doesn’t to be a princess who just shows up once in a while to cut a ribbon. If you’re stretching, you could interpret that to be a shot at Kate, considering there’s been criticism about the Cambridges being “work-shy” but, as we’ve established, Kate’s more than done her job, like three times. She’s there as a symbol of stability and on that expectation, she’s more than delivered. 

In other Meghan news, there’s a new photo we haven’t seen before. The Queen yesterday met with The Honourable George Brandis, Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, and in a photo taken of the two of them, HELLO! points out that, in the background, there’s a framed picture of Harry and Meghan that’s never been shared: 


Meghan is wearing what looks to be a white dress. It’s an engagement style portrait, similar to Will and Kate’s:


As we saw, the ones that were released of Harry and Meghan for their engagement were a lot less formal, much more editorial. They clearly did pose the conventional way and chose not to give those up to the public, reserving them for use the way we’re seeing here, in this setting. “For the grandparents.” Which is probably something that is actually relatable from royal to commoner. Did you have to do certain things at your wedding “for the grandparents”? We did. There were certain photos we sent over and did NOT send over to the grandparents. In their case, it’s the Queen. This engagement photo is more to her liking, no doubt.