Royal Meghan’s wedding dress secrets

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 24, 2018 15:01:44 September 24, 2018 15:01:44

ITV’s Queen of the World, a documentary about the Queen’s commitment to the Commonwealth, will air tomorrow in the UK and on HBO on October 1. As I wrote last week, Prince Charles plays a part, as does Prince William, but it’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who are dominating the promotional headlines about the special. As noted, I wonder how that’s going over with William. 

Right now though, the Sussexes are still new and shiny. Which is why they feature so prominently in the marketing for the show. And it also helps that the show is about the Queen and the Commonwealth and Royal Meghan happened to honour the Commonwealth on her wedding day, with her wedding veil. 

There was also, as you’ve probably heard, something romantic, and blue, included in her veil. Here’s the clip: 

So she wore blue on her first date with Harry. And a piece of that outfit was sewn into the veil. I like the way she struts into that room and gets curtseyed at and the way her eyes light up when she sees the dress, apparently the first time she’s seen it since May 19, 2018. Remember, this is a woman who is familiar with being filmed. And is comfortable with being filmed. She’s natural. Much more natural, again, than the other members of the royal family. As an ambassador now for the family, then, a family that’s clearly engaging with new media and modern publicity strategy, this is her value-added contribution. And it hasn’t been a year. We are coming up on the Australia/New Zealand tour soon. Will a Sussex overseas tour be like any standard overseas tour? Or will it be tailored to each of their strengths? Like… would Harry and Meghan ever start Insta-storying?!? 

Here are Harry and Meghan today at the Coach Core Awards at Loughborough University in London.

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