Yesterday, I wrote about Nicki Minaj’s album Queen. I mentioned that the rollout has been messy. Part of that mess included Nicki’s Twitter habits. Nicki’s sloppy social media tendencies continued yesterday when she came for her ex Safaree Samuels in a series of tweets that are so hilariously savage, I almost want to defend them. But Nicki should never have been responding to Safaree on Twitter in the first place, and some serious sh-t came up as a result of her tweet spree, which is why I can’t defend her. It started with Nicki’s interview with Hot 97 where she called out Safaree (and his mom and his sister, go OFF Nicki) for being an unsupportive partner. 


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"How dare you bite the hand that feeds you.” 

I’m not sure what prompted Nick to go this hard on a dude no one was talking about. I understand why she’s still bitter if Safaree belittled her when they were together and then went on to drag her publicly but he doesn’t sound like he’s worth her breath. In response to Nicki’s Hot 97 interview, Safaree tweeted this: 

There are a few ways Nicki could have handled this: A) Say nothing, go high instead of low and let her music be her revenge, B) Drag him back on Twitter or C) Take a Louisville slugger to both headlights and slash a hole in all four tires. Maybe next time he’ll think before he… 

Of course, we know that Nicki went with option B. Carrie Underwood is so disappointed. Nicki rattled off multiple tweets yesterday morning exposing Safaree for stealing her credit cards and claiming that he begged her to take him back but the harshest blow was about Safaree’s hairline. 


Lainey feels really bad for Tyga whose unsuspecting hairline was dragged into this mess for no good reason. Safaree later clarified that he and Tyga don’t have the same doctor, they just got their fake hairlines on the same day. #PoorTyga. Nicki’s initial tweets were funny. They were mean and unnecessary because NO ONE CARES ABOUT SAFAREE but they made me laugh. Then, the feud took a turn. Safaree hit back at Nicki with some claims of his own. 

If this is true, it sounds like a serious domestic dispute I’m not laughing at. Nicki says Safaree is lying but TMZ claims there is a video from 2014 that shows “Nicki chasing Safaree with a knife”. 

Listen, I don’t like calling the highest-selling female rapper and one of the only women in the mainstream rap game a mess. I don’t like perpetuating the stereotypes that come with the image of a sloppy, loose-lipped ex-girlfriend but Nicki Minaj’s Twitter fingers are making it REAL HARD to keep her away from that narrative. She’s calling out trolls and exes in her mentions like she’s a Bachelor contestant. She’s putting her ex on blast when she should be celebrating her work. And now we find out she’s allegedly abusive and violent. I wanted her to be above this sh-t because she should be above this sh-t. And it doesn’t seem like she is. 

Attached - more photos of Nicki at Colbert the other night in New York.