After making his red carpet premiere with Lori Harvey on Oscar night Michael B Jordan was back at work yesterday directing Creed 3. This is his feature directorial debut and it’s an ambitious project considering that, obviously, he’ll be back as Adonis in the third installment of his part in the franchise. As you can see, MBJ is working here with a ripped Jonathan Majors who over the last two years has become the major get for casting directors. As we know from Loki, he is a big part in Marvel’s next phase, and everyone now wants Jonathan Majors in everything. The fact that he’s playing Adonis’s opponent then in Creed 3 tells you that this won’t be a one-dimensional antagonist. But then again, MBJ would know about that. 


Because if there’s a parallel here, it may just be that Jonathan in Creed 3 is what MBJ was in Black Panther: a complicated villain, one of if not the best MCU villain for all the character’s layers, and of course for the nuance and depth that MBJ brought to the role – which was one of the keys to the movie’s success, credit to Ryan Coogler, with whom MBJ has worked on several projects and from whom he’s probably learned. Which means MBJ would appreciate that a story is better served when it’s not just the main character getting all the shine. As a director, his responsibility is tell a complete story, and not just a vehicle for the lead actor, himself. But also, a strong lead requires a strong opposition, and when that happens, EVERYBODY wins. 

You know who’s always winning? Lori Harvey. Also attached – photos of Lori out for dinner last night.