I lost interest in the NFL a long time ago. The only reasons I care about the Super Bowl are non-football related: The Weeknd’s halftime show and the commercials. Every year, celebrities are booked to star in Super Bowl commercials and it’s become a bucket list item for fame. Have you been to the Oscars? Have you hosted Saturday Night Live? Have you been in a Super Bowl commercial? Dan Levy, by the way, is checking off two of those items this coming weekend, hosting this week’s SNL and on Sunday, he’ll appear in an M&Ms ad. 


Dan is my friend, so of course I’m very excited for him, but I think he would understand when I say that while I’m sure his commercial is going to be delightful, it won’t give me the same, um, feelings as Michael B Jordan’s commercial for Alexa. He is Alexa. 

Yes, I 100% want to be in the bathtub while listening to MBJ read from one of my horny books. I also wouldn’t mind if he could help me with the baking and the measurements on the weekends. But there is a work angle here. 


You’ll note, at the beginning of the commercial, you can see a movie poster go by in the form of a bus: 

MBJ's Alexa commercial featuring a poster for Tom Clancy’s: Without Remorse

As far as I’ve seen, this is our first glimpse of the movie poster. Tom Clancy’s: Without Remorse, starring Michael B Jordan and Jodie Turner-Smith was supposed to be released in October 2020 before getting pulled due to COVID. In November, Paramount announced that it was working out a deal to sell the movie to Amazon Studios. Amazon… Alexa… you see where we’re going. 


It’s an ad within an ad. And likely explains how this relationship came together. And, since this Alexa ad is airing during the Super Bowl, and we’ve yet to see a proper trailer for Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, I wonder if we’ll also be seeing the first trailer for the movie during the Super Bowl – which, as we know, is when many studios release trailers. So could we be seeing MBJ not once but TWICE during the Super Bowl. As in possibly over two minutes …which… you know what 30 seconds go for during the Super Bowl, right? In this business, that is definitely a flex. If, of course, it actually rolls out that way. Am definitely paying extra close attention to Lori Harvey’s IG that night.