Dear Gossips, 

The Screen Actors Guild will announce their nominations later today and while there may be a couple of surprises, it will not be the giant bowl of f-cksh-t that the Golden Globes served up yesterday. Like, I’m pretty sure we won’t be hearing Jared Leto’s name being called in the Supporting Actor category. And I feel confident in saying that, since I turned out to be right this same time yesterday when I wrote in this space to “expect a little foolery” with the Golden Globes before angsting about them blanking Michaela Coel and I May Destroy You. It was a premonition based on experience. Remember, just last year the Hollywood Foreign Press Association ignored Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us, one of the most acclaimed limited series of 2019. I’m sure you can see the similarity. And it’s not like they don’t love a female showrunner, star, director, all round super-talent. See Phoebe Waller-Bridge. But .. you know. 


That said, it’s important to put this in perspective in terms of what people will remember. For example, with its five nominations this year, it’s the first time that Schitt’s Creek has ever been nominated at the Golden Globes. But this is happening just a few months after the show swept the major categories at the Emmys. My point is, even if Schitt’s Creek sweeps again at the Globes, going forward, Schitt’s Creek will still not be referred to as the “Golden Globe-winning comedy series” but the “Emmy-winning comedy series”. Just like when a film wins an Oscar and a Golden Globe, you only ever qualify the film by its Oscar win, not its Globe win. In fact, the only time you ever refer to a film as a Globe winner is when it does NOT win the Oscar. So, to go back to Michaela Coel and I May Destroy You, less than a year from now, this Globes snub won’t matter. She will contend for the Emmy, and she *should* win the Emmy and probably the SAG – we’ll find out soon enough. 

As for the other snubs, a lot of people have been talking about Bridgerton and how it could possibly have been overlooked… in favour of, um, Emily in Paris. (Even one of the Emily writers thinks I May Destroy You should have been included.) I’m actually not all that bothered by the Bridgerton exclusion. Because Bridgerton would have been nominated in the Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy category and, to me, Insecure and Never Have I Ever are the bigger omissions there. 


Every year, the Globes deliver the WTFs. This year, in particular, seemed especially egregious. So much so that Scott Feinberg, The Hollywood Reporter’s awards columnist, who is not generally predisposed to dumping on the awards boards etc, wrote yesterday that this year’s Globes nominations are a “complete and utter embarrassment”. It might be the strongest rebuke I’ve ever read from him about the Globes. 

Maybe a good thing can come out of this mess though. For those of you who’ve yet to watch I May Destroy You, maybe all this controversy has made you even more curious about it – enough for you to finally experience Michaela Coel’s genius.

Yours in gossip,