For Duana, it will always be jewel tones over black. For me? It will always be black over jewel tones. So I’ve shocked myself with this anomaly, a glitch in the Matrix. What’s not shocking is that it’s Michelle Yeoh who has caused it. 


But let’s start with the black. Gemma Chan and Ho-yeon Jung both repped Louis Vuitton last night at the Met Gala and between the two looks, I prefer Gemma’s for its originality – a chandelier or lamp shade, more flapper than gilded but lovely nonetheless. And she’s always reliable on the red carpet, it’s just… not that exciting? I have gagged way harder over Gemma Chan at the Met Gala before. 

Gemma’s a regular at this point at the event. For Ho-yeon, though, it’s her first time, and unfortunately the best part was her hair. Her styling team was inspired by oil paintings from the late 1800s and the cascading waves are gorgeous on her. 


But the outfit? I mean, on any other night, it’s a win. I f-cking love the suede and the cut-outs and the boots. At the Met Gala though? I needed more. Because this is what Ho-yeon could have worn to any premiere, any other cocktail party – but this particular party demands more. She’s now a favourite at Louis Vuitton, she’s become a pretty big player in the fashion game, so I can’t understand why we’re not seeing her showcase a more noteworthy piece from the LV collection. It’s not like she couldn’t pull it off. I’m wondering then whether or not this is just Ho-yeon’s vibe, if extra just isn’t her thing? 

It's definitely Lena Waithe’s thing at the Met Gala because Lena always, always serves on the first Monday in May. 

This is Versace. It’s definitely gilded. It’s 100% badass and so totally Lena who has taken the theme and made it adhere to her aesthetic and not the other way around. For Versace too there’s nobody better to showcase this particular design. 


So green definitely had a moment with Lena’s turquoise last night. Another big green moment, and one of the very best of the night… 

Michelle Yeoh. COME ON.

This is Prabal who is also designing her costumes on American Born Chinese, a series I can’t even talk about yet because I’ll be too emotional and by the time it comes out, I’ll be a f-cking mess. While we’re on the Chinese tip though, you will note the colour – jade green. Jade is our cultural stone, it is inextricably linked to Chinese culture, and on the second day of Asian Heritage Month, Michelle showed up to the Met Gala in our shade of lucky green. 

And JEWELS. Like Holy Confucius this necklace! Few celebrity women can do a jewel like Michelle Yeoh, with her extensive personal collection and access to other exclusive collections. She has the best eye for jewels, and this piece was probably the standout of the night. 


One more note on Michelle though before we move onto the next, because everyone is still talking about her performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once and her chances for an Oscar nomination – Sandra Oh hosted a screening of the film the other day. This is a forever moment, I will never forget this moment: