Next summer will be the 10th anniversary of Miley Cyrus meeting Liam Hemsworth and falling in love on the set of The Last Song. They got engaged three years later in 2012. A year later, in 2013, they broke up after she twerked. Two years after that, in late 2015, they started spending time together again and were officially back together to start 2016 and she confirmed later that year that there engaged, or re-engaged. It’s been steady ever since, with all kinds of rumours and speculation that they’d already gotten married, though never reliably confirmed.

A couple of weeks ago, on Howard Stern, Miley called Liam her “survival partner”. As I wrote last week, the experience of the fire and losing their home, clearly it brought them closer together than they’ve ever been. A heightened experience like that, something so traumatic, it often compels you to take stock of your life and what comes out of that assessment is either an edit – or an overhaul – of your life or a renewed intensity about what and who’s in it. 

Miley and Liam showed up on their friend Conrad Carr’s Instagram account on Sunday night. Liam was joined by his brothers, Chris and Luke, for a “shotski”. Liam is wearing suit and a boutonniere. There are balloons reading “Mr” and “Mrs” hanging on the wall. They are surrounded by children, so extended family were present. In other photo, Liam is with Miley, wearing white, and they’re both holding on to a knife, with a cake right beside them. Her ma, Tish, is there too. 


Everyone is assuming they got married. What else is there to assume? This is not a stretch, not at all. Miley and Liam are finally, officially married. Happy Christmas!