Miley’s red dress stands in for Liam 

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As Maria mentioned yesterday in Celebrity Social Media, Rebel Wilson revealed during press for Isn’t it Romantic that Liam Hemsworth had been hospitalised. He wasn’t with Miley Cyrus at the Grammys the other night. And he wasn’t well enough to attend the premiere last night. So Miley went to represent him in a caped Valentino gown that did its job. I’m not saying I love the dress but I do love that the dress was put to work. The work here is promoting the movie, a romantic comedy. And with Liam on the sidelines, Miley is carrying that responsibility. If he’d been with her, the headlines would have been “Miley and Liam’s romantic red carpet as married couple” or some sh-t. Now it’s her gown that’s making headlines. So, once again, we’re seeing fashion as part of the work. 

Miley made her intentions clear:


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And Liam was appreciative: 


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As for what’s wrong with him, apparently it’s kidney stones. I mean, that would do it. I’ve not had them but a good friend of mine is prone to them. He kept one of them in a jar for years to show people what they look like. His was maybe the size of a half karat diamond, but with jagged edges, spikey as f-ck. And, well, you know that to pass it he had to pee it out, right? THAT THING CAME OUT OF HIS PENIS. And that’s the payoff! Like you have to wait around for days while that thing bumps around in there, stabbing the sh-t out of you and HOPE that it eventually makes it way into your dick! So, yeah, that’s what would keep him attending this premiere. Because I heard he’s really good in this movie. Sarah saw it and her review’s coming up later this week and she says he’s funny, that it might a difference in his career. This absence, then, is not a small thing. You never want to miss out on the beginning of your next era. 


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