Back in May, I called Robert Pattinson the first Millennial Batman and that was my interest in him landing the role – seeing how a Batman for millennials would be interpreted, avocado toast and all. Yesterday The Hollywood Reporter released the results of a poll that indicated that, indeed, RPatz, or RBatz, as Sarah calls him, millennials are responding well to Robert as their generation’s Caped Crusader. Nicholas Hoult, who was the first runner-up, appeals more to Gen X. Gen X doesn’t matter now. The deal is done. It will be Rob. Is Rob ready? 

Some people are now looking back at a 2017 interview he did with Howard Stern where the subject of superheroes came up. Two years ago, RP didn’t seem that into it, explaining when asked that he hadn’t auditioned to a be superhero at that point and that he wasn’t interested because it comes with something like an 8 movie commitment – and having done 5 Twilight films, that wasn’t what he was looking for, at the time. He does say, however, that it “all depends on the character” and being committed to working within a “huge machine”. 


I mean, there’s no machine huger than the one that comes along with Batman, in front of and behind the camera. What’s the figurative equivalent of multiple Bat vehicles and having to operate them? There is internal and external machinery where a figure like Bruce Wayne is concerned. Because the fans, they are their own drama. He has that experience with TwiHards but, please. That’s amateur hour compared to comic book nerds. 

What’s going to be fun is seeing those two fandoms come together, or not. What is a Robert Pattinson Batman screening even going to look like? Picture the woman who had Edward Cullen’s face tattooed on her back. Picture the dude who has the bat signal tattooed on his forearm. OMG will they get married? 

RP’s Batman comes out in two years, July 2021. I really, really want that to the summer of the Batlight wedding. I really, really want to be invited to a Batlight wedding.