Millie Bobby Brown is 13 years old. Of course she’s not a veteran in a room full of veterans. But that’s kinda what it feels like in 2017. She’s showed up to almost every award show in 2017. Look at her on the red carpet. This is someone who’s very, very used to working a red carpet.

Maybe too used to working a red carpet? The control in those expressions. The practised-ness of it all. You’d think it was JLO if it weren’t for the flats.

Man I dragged my feet on writing this post. You can’t win with a post like this. Nobody wants to write a post about a 13 year old girl that isn’t just rainbows and ponies. But that’s the point. Millie Bobby Brown, at 13, totally skipped rainbows and ponies and went straight to… I don’t know exactly but it makes me uncomfortable.

I am uncomfortable that we barely saw her with her co-stars. As an individual nominee, she was separated from her castmates and given prime seating. Which highlights the very real fact now that there’s a “her” and a “them”. I was uncomfortable watching her arrivals interview on E! and hearing her say that a “vacation” for her is to be at work, on set. And I was definitely uncomfortable when her category was called and Ann Dowd won only to see that MBB’s “losing” face is already at expert level.

Like if anyone was allowed a little spontaneity and disappointment in not winning, it would have been Millie Bobby Brown. If anyone legitimately reacted the way Jackie Hoffman joked about reaction and could get away with it, it would be Millie Bobby Brown. That is if we would let her. But that’s not the business of young celebrity. It never has been. As long as they dress like little girls, they can act like grown women.