Just a reminder that we are dark tomorrow for Christmas and on December 26 for Boxing Day, back to a light gossip schedule on Thursday and Friday. If you think of me over the next couple of days, remember how much I hate turkey. Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays! 

I don’t know much about beer. I don’t have beer talent – all beers taste the same to me. I’m told, though, by people who do know about beer, that Belgian beers are good? Maybe that’s just Jacek. He quite likes Belgian beer. There’s apparently a dude in Belgium that is so into beer that he committed a daring beer heist. And by daring I mean idiotic. (Dlisted) 

I saw a lot of tweets this weekend about Bird Box ranging from how terrifying it is to how f-cking terrifying it is and comparisons to A Quiet Place. Not that I was intending to watch it, because I don’t do terrifying, but that just made my decision even easier. Reviews for Bird Box haven’t been all that strong with some critics saying it’s actually not all that smart. Doesn’t seem to matter where social media activity is concerned. Those numbers will probably go up as we get deeper into the week. (Jezebel) 

Kristen Stewart and her rumoured new girlfriend, Sara Dinkin, have been papped together several times in the last week. They’re holding hands in many of the photos. They seem inseparable. Are we ready now to go from calling Sara the “rumoured” new girlfriend to proper girlfriend?  (Just Jared) 

Josh Duhamel is looking for love again. And babies. Well here’s a new and creative way to explain why you only date young women. Meanwhile Leonardo DiCaprio out here all, pfffft, as IF anyone needed an excuse to hook up with an 18-year-old model. He’s never had to provide one. (Cele|bitchy) 

Awkwafina and Henry Golding were the breakout stars of Crazy Rich Asians. Henry already has several projects in production and has moved to London with his wife Liv Lo, ready for all the new opportunities coming his way. As we look forward to his ongoing success to come, let’s look back at Henry’s 2018, specifically all the times he looked great. Which is basically all the times he stepped out. (Go Fug Yourself) 

And finally…because it’s Christmas… and at Christmas you tell the truth: to me, she is perfect. That would be Mimi, of course. Who else? She is perfect to her lambs. Rich Juzwiak wrote about the lambs for The New York Times including what it’s like to be part of the “Lambover Event”, when a few dozen of her most dedicated lambs get together and celebrate her in different cities around the world. It is a loving tribute to our enduring butterfly and here’s what, among many things, Rich got right: Mimi is “a complete and utter success, and yet an eternal underdog”. It’s so true – because, sure, while Mimi is undeniably a legend, we also keep counting her out. How can you count out someone who reliably show up at the same time same place every year? Mimi IS Christmas! (NYT)