Yesterday, multiple sources confirmed that Mindy Kaling is with child. There are no concrete details (like how far along she is) or any juicy details (like who the father is). Obviously Mindy is entitled to her privacy when it comes to her health and her possible pregnancy but let’s be real: it’s Mindy Kaling. She loves good a rom-com. An unexpected (but still welcome) pregnancy is a cornerstone of the rom-com.

Moving on from that angle, there’s still so much to enjoy here. Mindy is reaching a whole other level of her career with A Wrinkle In Time, Ocean’s 8 and a new show, Champions, at NBC. There’s at least one more book in the pipe. And she just bought and decorated a stunning new home. So not only does she have her work, but she’s a single mom baller, too.

If you are a fan of Mindy Kaling (and if you aren’t, why not?) you know what we will be treated to, if she chooses to share. Lots of killer maternity wear. Funny pregnancy test stories. Heartwarming “what motherhood means to me” anecdotes. Observations on the absurdity of parenthood. Just lots of good, good stuff.

When was the last time you went to a baby shower and had an honest-to-goodness good time? Probably never. Mindy Kaling’s baby shower would be so fun! First off, it would be unisex, with lots of her comedy writers around. There’d be really good food too. She’d force everyone to play parlour games but it would be enjoyable because Ike Barinholtz would be there crack everyone up during the “melt chocolate in a diaper” game.

And if she gets to the 2 or 3 year mark and feels up for it, imagine a book on the LA Mommy Mafia, but from Mindy’s perspective. She had an anecdote in “Why Not Me?” about being dropped by a new friend after bringing up vaccines at a pop star’s baby shower. (By the way, did we ever decide who the “extremely famous pop star” was?)

There’s so much to think about here – like a name! What will Mindy Kaling, someone who has a firm grasp on fame while actually being famous, name her baby? She knows there are certain expectations, and I feel like she will both lean into and bump against them.

Mindy doesn’t need us to participate in her pregnancy, of course not. But I think she’ll be gracious enough to let us enjoy it, too.