Dear Gossips,

It’s August 8, 2018. 


8 is the luckiest number in Chinese numerology. So you could say, numerologically, it might be the luckiest day of the year. 

Last night, August 7, was the Hollywood premiere of Crazy Rich Asians. But given the time difference, when the premiere was happening, it would have already been 8.8.18 in Asia. I’d like to think that’s why the event was scheduled when it was. Probably not, but I’d like to think so. 

Because Crazy Rich Asians needs some luck. The filmmakers did their job. The movie is wonderful. But it could use some luck. For reasons that are bigger than the movie. As director Jon M Chu told The New York Times

“If we make a decent showing on that first weekend, there are like six Asian-American lead movies set up at different studios. They’re not greenlit. Everyone’s waiting to see how this one does. But if this one does well, we’ll immediately have more chances. And if it doesn’t, we’ll just have to do it again.”

Adam Sandler and Marky Mark don’t have to worry about that when their movies don’t do well, you know? 

This is not the time to be bitter though. Because Hollywood hasn’t seen a carpet like last night in a long, long, long time. So let’s open today with Ming-Na Wen, the star of The Joy Luck Club, who was there last night supporting Asian talent, repping a community that she, no doubt, has been hoping would grow around her. 

Yours in gossip,